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Larissa’s story


“Find an approach that will make the journey as enjoyable as possible,

and take it one day at a time.”

Larissa Esterhuizen lost 11kg and 60cm on her waist in three months, dropping from a 40 to 36 dress size. She achieved this by appearing on the locally-produced SLANK, a reality TV show in South Africa that aims to help contestants lose weight over a 13-week period.

SLANK aims to improve health and wellness with sustainable approaches and addresses other lifestyle-related issues such as depression, diabetes and an inability to focus. Larissa followed the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program, which emphasises developing a mindful approach to food consumption and selecting healthier meal options.

She also used Tony Ferguson supplements like the GO Shake and Munch bars. The GO Shake is an affordable and convenient, high-protein meal solution that fits easily into a daily routine as a meal replacement or protein supplement. Munch bars were another convenient and useful snack option for Larissa, who works long shifts as a nurse.

Larissa recommends finding an approach that will make the journey as enjoyable as possible and taking it one day at a time.

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