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Whether you want to lose weight, eat better or learn healthy lifestyle habits,
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CUSTOMISE Your Own Meal Plan

Your Own Meal Plan

Use our meal plan application to design a customised meal plan based on your food preferences and lifestyle.

Fit your lifestyle

Choose customised goals

Factor in your eating habits


Meal Plan

A unique and very focused eating plan that uses intermittent fasting to help you lose weight. Needs a lot of dedication but will yield fast results.

Choose this plan to stimulate faster and more efficient burning.

Two meals a day

Choose from two options

“Anytime” snacks for the day


Meal Plan

The original Tony Ferguson weight loss meal plan that stood the test of time and is easy to fit into your routine.

Choose this as your foundation plan, and join thousands of others who’ve achieved success in their weight loss journey.

Three meals a day

Mid-afternoon snack

Choose from two options


Meal Plan

A 14 day, controlled eating plan designed to give your weight loss journey a boost if and when needed.

Choose this plan to achieve a smaller weight loss goal in a short amount of time.

Use for two weeks at a time

Personalise with food lists

Three meals a day plus snacks

All our meal plans are completely free – simply click to download in PDF format.
Whether you’re designing your own or using one of our proven ready made plans, they’re a great way of sticking to your wellness, health and weight loss goals.

Health & Wellness Tips

Our wealth of health and wellness tips will help support you on your successful weight loss journey.

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Weight loss isn’t just about eating – it’s about moving too! Our practical and accessible exercise videos will help you achieve your fitness goals, in your own time and in your own space.


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