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Turn your New Year’s Resolutions into a lasting reality


After a restful festive season you’ve got that “New Year” feeling and you’re determined this year is going to be your year.

You’ve set your healthy living goals, you know where you want to be, but how do you get there?

Here are 5 steps to help you refresh your approach to healthy living and kick off a bea-YOU-tiful year of you!

1. Make a decision and commit to your goals.

Decide on your healthy living goal, write it down, and stick it somewhere in plain sight. Put a note on the fridge, make it your screen saver or put a post-it on your mirror as a reminder of what you’re working towards and what you want to achieve.

2. Plan your route and and get the tools you need.

A healthy living journey is like any other journey – it’s much easier if you have a map to point you in the right direction.
Find a healthy eating plan that suits your individual needs and lifestyle to guide you as you work towards your goals.
Click here to check out our 3, free healthy eating plans and download the one that suits you.

3. Prepare, it’s the key to converting your plan into action … and results!

Set aside half an hour to plan what you will need for the upcoming week and buy or prep it in advance.
If you have quick meals planned for days you know you’ll be home late, or convenient foods to pack for your lunches you’ll save yourself from last minute take aways and temptations.

4. Reward Yourself. 

Working towards your healthy living goals can be trying. Keep yourself motivated and on track by planning a reward for reaching important milestones.
For example, put R50 in a rewards jar for every 2kgs you lose and treat yourself to something special with the cash you save. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, you can plan a movie night at home or set time aside for a bubble bath – anything that helps keep you inspired to continue even when you feel like giving up.

5. Get support.

Whether it’s an encouraging word when you need one, someone to ask for a healthy recipe, or someone to distract you from your 3PM sweet cravings, get a partner, family member, colleague or friend to support you on your journey.