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Bronwyn Lotriet


“Just start your journey – we are capable of doing anything we put our minds to.”

Bronwyn Lotriet


Bronwyn Lotriet


Bronwyn Lotriet’s Inspiring Journey From Weight Gain to Vibrant Health


Bronwyn Lotriet has an inspiring transformation story, which she has chosen to share with the world in the hope that she can inspire others to lose weight and regain vibrant health to live their best life.

This 34-year-old executive associate transformed her life by shedding 40 kilos through a combination of healthful eating and consistent exercise.

Time to Make a Change

Bronwyn’s weight gain reached the point where she felt uncomfortable and embarrassed, impacting both her self-confidence and health.

She decided it was time for a change when her weight started affecting her daily life, leaving her fatigued.

“There were days when I stayed in bed because I had no energy and felt awful. This continued for months and it affected my quality of life and impacted my family.”

Healthful Eating Drives Her Transformation

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and dissatisfied with prescribed medications, Bronwyn delved into research.

“I researched the disease and discovered that my nutrition had a big part to play in my condition.”

Realising the impact of nutrition on her ill health, she made a conscious decision to overhaul her eating habits and avoided foods that would cause flare ups.

“I was tired of missing out on life with my family and I didn’t want to continue down that road.”

Balanced Eating Brings Health Benefits

Her newfound focus on mindful, healthful eating not only aided her Crohn’s disease but also became the foundation of her overall well-being.

Bronwyn now emphasises the importance of a balanced diet, incorporating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

“I didn’t want to feel like I was permanently on a diet. It took time, but sticking to healthy foods every day and making sure I give my body the nutrition it needed became easier, and the longer I stuck to it, the better I felt.”

Her Instagram inspiration, @the_lean_girl, provided her with delicious recipes that made healthy eating enjoyable for the whole family.

About Bronwyn

Age: 34
Occupation: Executive associate
IG: @myfeel_goodvibes
Weight lost: 40 kg

Building a Sustainable Lifestyle

To combat temptations, Bronwyn maintained a cupboard stocked only with foods suitable for her new lifestyle.

This disciplined approach helped her stick to her healthful eating plan, making it a sustainable, long-term commitment.

Incorporating Exercise

As her health improved, Bronwyn gradually reintroduced exercise into her routine, partnering with her husband for gym sessions and incorporating home workouts to stay consistent.

Despite initial frustrations with slow progress, Bronwyn shifted her focus from immediate results to ongoing efforts, which eventually led to success.

“At first I wanted to see massive results immediately, but when I didn’t make progress fast enough, I got frustrated. Eventually, I understood that the process takes time, patience and perseverance.”

Results and New Mindset

While it has taken time to reach her goal, Bronwyn says it has been worth every second.

By focusing on efforts rather than outcomes, she developed a new mindset that has allowed her to maintain her healthier lifestyle while losing weight in the process.

Celebrating her newfound energy and vitality, she now enjoys activities like golf with her husband.

“I am focused on building more muscle now and I keep pushing my body’s capabilities in the gym. I love seeing what my body is capable of and witnessing the way my body shape changes.”

Bronwyn’s story is one of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of lifestyle changes. Her journey from discomfort and fatigue to energy and vibrancy serves as an inspiration to others.

As she passionately states: “Just start your journey – we are capable of doing anything we put our minds to.” With dedication, patience and perseverance, anyone can achieve their health and wellness goals.

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