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Hlengi achieved success with Tony
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Thandiwe Makhubela

“My skin started glowing, I feel younger and beautiful.”
Balsamic and Lime Dressing


Balsamic and Lime Dressing


Every morning when I woke up I felt tired and my body was heavy. I went to Dis-Chem where I was introduced to Tony Ferguson.

Following my Tony Ferguson eating plan has been such a great feeling. In the first month* I already started noticing the difference, I felt lighter, my skin was glowing and people kept on complementing me.

My advice to others on this exciting journey is to stay disciplined, focus and push hard. Tony Ferguson is easy, all you need is the plan and focus.

The plan helped me learn what is good for my body, I eat healthier foods now. I feel more confident and the best part of all is wearing my clothes with no stress of what will not fit me!

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